Today you will learn about a website that provides you high quality Revit Families as will as dynamo scripts to use with their Revit families.. One of the features these HQ Revit Families have is that all these Revit families have three different models for three different “detail views”. If the detail level is set to Coarse, you will get a basic 3d model, which will help you work smoothly on your project even after loading plenty of these High Quality Revit Families, Same with 2D views, if you change the detail level to coarse you will get simple tree symbol, which would be very helpful when you are creating 2D Plans, Sections and Elevations. Below is the sample image of a tree model in different views with different “detail levels” set.

Get free Families now:

In the video below, I demonstrate how you can use the dynamo scripts to scatter these HQ Revit components as well as how you can link Enscape assets with these Revit Families:

Get free Families now:

Intro: 00:00
Sample Component: 01:05
Installing Dynamo Script: 02:25
Scattering Vegetation: 03:56
3D Grass: 09:30
Enscape Test Render: 14:14
Linking Enscape Assets: 14:37

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