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If you are using Enscape3D to visualize your Revit projects, you might have come across this issue that the Enscape assets don’t look good in Revit 2D views/plans, probably the reason for that is Revit doesn’t support very high poly models, and that’s why Enscape assets are converted into low poly, this way your Revit project file won’t get slow and it will help you work easily on your project even after loading plenty of Enscape assets.

I noticed, this issue has been posted on the Enscape forum by some Enscape users and they’ve promised to provide us a fix to this issue. So, until we get a fix from Enscape, you can follow the trick which I use… It’s very simple but sometimes a bit time consuming when you are working on large Revit projects (still not as much time consuming as the method of adding 2D sketches to the assets).

The solution to this problem is Making the unnecessary edges on the component/proxy invisible. Yep, it’s a very simple yet very effective way to fix that in my opinion, Below are the images showing before and after results..

Check out this clip to know how you can make edges invisible (watch in HD)

In some cases, when you try to hide the edges, some necessary edges also become invisible, in such cases, just use the “detail line” to fix that and override the color and make the detail line and asset a group. see the video below.

I hope this trick would be helpful to you too.

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